So what is the route?

We’re cycling 4200 miles across the UK and the continental US, starting at RAF Brize Norton, Oxfordshire on Apr 16th and finishing there on Jul 8th after cycling across the States from Ocean Shores, Washington on Apr 23rd to the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC on Jul 4th to raise £5m and $10m for registered US and UK military charities.  Here is the overview of the US route that we are taking

At the start of each day, we will remember those who have given their lives since 09/11 in Iraq and Afghanistan and will dedicate that day’s ride to those specific people at a brief remembrance ceremony at the start point.

We will then highlight a US and a UK charity for each day of the journey and will ask that people make all donations for that day to that charity (of course, donors are free to donate to any military charity that they wish).

After the daily safety briefing and risk assessment, we set off for our destination point for that day, with the assistance of the Sea2Sea cycling state representative, the local cycling director for the day, and any cycling ‘shepherds’ that can assist us from the start to the finish point.

When we stop, we intend to speak with school, local civic and religious organizations to publicize who we are and why we are doing this, and then confirm the next day’s route.  We will average 60 miles/day, with each Sunday as a rest day.

We welcome offers of assistance through our website –


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