The US/UK Connection

Here is what I saw outside of Blenheim Palace (birthplace of Winston Churchill) during my Sunday ride around Oxfordshire, England

Dave Bayliss owns this 101st Airborne Division Jeep (it’s worth about $16k, with prices going up to $26k).  This caused me to do a couple of queries.  Here is one from wikipedia ‘According to American Community Survey in 2009 data, Americans reporting British ancestry made up an estimated (40,234,652) or 13.0% of the total U.S. population.’  To put it another way, if you were to take the population of the top 175 cities in the UK (from London to Staines) and list their inhabitants as British-Americans (16,183,377), you would still have about 24 million other British Americans left over to spread throughout the UK (UK’s current population is around 60 million).

Another interesting excerpt from Wikipedia ‘The 2001 UK Census recorded 158,434 people born in the United States.[1] Estimates published by the Office for National Statistics suggest that, in 2009, the equivalent figure stood at 189,000.[2]

Famous people who have parents who are American and British include, Winston Churchill, Henry James, Harold MacWilliam, and Keanu Reeves.

So the US/UK connection runs long and deep.



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2 thoughts on “The US/UK Connection

  1. Paul Brown

    Yes it sure is a small world ! Here I am a Brit living in Washington State USA with 2 American sons, the youngest serving in the 1st Cavalry Division having recently returned from Iraq .My sons like myself are proud of their heritage , family members from both sides of the Atlantic have served in the military over the last 100 years from the trenches of France to the skies above Europe and beyond !

    I will be here in Woodland Washington with my American friends to wave to you on your journey from sea to shining sea !

    • Thanks for the comment, Paul. Please thank your son for me and it’s great that what we are doing is starting to resonate on both sides of the Atlantic.

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