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A common thread

It’s now been four weeks since our start at Brize Norton on April 16, and I was struck yesterday by a common thread that runs throughout the fabric of American and British society, and that is how the military forces are a common touchstone for so many.  It started with the first Remembrance Ceremony at Brize Norton on that April morning:Image

And it has continued throughout the country, being hosted by the Disable American Veterans in Longview/Kelso,Image

Riding with the Wounded Warrior Project,



For me it means that as long as we remember, recognise, and rejoice with our Armed Forces as they seek to protect the freedoms and ways of life that we enjoy, we will continue to enjoy the blessings of liberty that they have helped to secure for us.

Really looking forward to going across Nebraska and visiting folks in this wonderful state.


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Faith, Hope, and Charity

It’s been almost two weeks since we’ve started our journey from Ocean Shores, and the phrase, Faith, Hope, and Charity came to mind.

Faith was mentioned by Jennifer in Dayton, Washington on Apr 30th, as she told us of losing her husband due to an accident at work, and her father and brother within the past year.  All were veterans.

Hope is what Kirstie Walsh and Hope Gallinger-Long have given us throughout this journey. The hope that the sacrifices that their husbands made will be transmuted into a higher good for us and our country.   We only hope that we can redeem their loss through our actions in strengthening and improving our country by helping our fellow citizens.

Finally, Charity is what dozens of people have shown in the wake of Bob’s accident that ended his participation on the Sea2Sea 2012 Challenge.  I find it incredible that people would drive over 100 miles one way to stay with him to allow us to press on with our mission.  It is personified by people like Sgt Piche, Ed & Doris Huntington, and Eunice & Wally Hickerson.

Our realisation is that there are a lot of good people in this country and one doesn’t have to look very far to find them.


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