The Sea2Sea Foundation


The purpose of The Sea2Sea Foundation is to  “help those who served”. Specifically, we provide assistance to service members, veterans and their families with the goal of transitioning them successfully back into civilian life and society.


We organize and run national and local charity events to raise awareness and assistance for former service members and their families. For example, the US/UK coast-to-coast cycle ride of 2012 is the first national/international event.

Our Principles and Beliefs

  • We owe an enormous debt to those who have served our country honorably.
  • We can help to repay this debt by publicly acknowledging their sacrifice as well as the sacrifices of their families.
  • We can also help them by informing the public (both on a national and local level) in ways that they can assist veterans to transition successfully to civilian life.
  • We are a charity in our own right. In addition, we look for every opportunity to work with other charities to  support these service men and women. Bringing our combined resources together to achieve our mutual goals is a major focus of our activities.
  • Instead of living in the world of ‘You can’t’ The Sea2Sea Foundation chooses to practice the ethos ‘We’ll try’.

Our code of conduct:

  • We approach every charity event and activity as though it were one of our family members receiving benefit.
  • We encourage and support those who are supporting veterans and their families in the way that best suites the abilities of those giving aid as well as the needs of those receiving it.


Visit our website at sesa2sea.org



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  1. Frank Cox


    This is Frank Cox – grew up in Clemson, Bill Cox’s older brother
    Served 26 years in the Army – we have a magnificant site in Clemson for your ceremony on June 15
    The Scroll of Honor adjacent to Clemson Memorial Stadium – you’ll much appreciate it. We have erected a memorial to the 481 Clemson men who have died in military service to their Nation while serving during a period of war.
    Greg Ball, Steve Welter and others are organizing, but thought you might want to have the ceremony at the Scroll of Honor

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