Sea2Sea Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 2

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Vol 1 Issue 2


Where we have been, where we are and where we are going.

We have been through four states: Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee. Here are some of the things we have experienced since our last Newsletter.

Meanwhile as of June 20, the 2012 Sea2Sea Challenge team has ridden through Georgia, South Carolina, and parts of North Carolina en route to Fort Bragg and Camp LeJeune.  More on those next letter.

Patriotism Being Expressed FreelyWe meet ministers who pray for usFlags lining a cemetary on Memorial Day

We witnessed many styles of patriotism as we met so many and traveled dozens back roads of our great country.

On the streets of Nashville during the Country Music Awards, prayers from preachers or lining the path in a cemetery on Memorial Day, love of country is not difficult to find. One of many things we have to be thankful for in America is that patriotism can be freely expressed and as one sees fit.  We ride on two continents in support of those fighting to preserve such freedoms.

One of the daily highlights of the 2012 Sea2Sea Challenge is remembering those who gave their lives in our defense.  It is a defining experience. It is a central part of what our 2012 Sea2Sea Challenge is about.

Some days we have 60+ people attend the Remembrance Ceremony.  On other days, it is just the three of us reading names aloud. We do not miss a day. We do not forget them. Each day, we dedicate our ride to those individuals whose names we read and to their families who the loss of loved ones; loved ones who will never be coming home.

Travelling the Purple Heart Trail going from north to south in Tennessee brought to mind another sign we had passed crossing through Idaho in April. That was early in our journey, nearly at its beginning and nearly 2,500 miles ago! The sign in Idaho memorialized one of their own. A son or brother, a father or husband, he was. These signs presented us reminders along the way that freedom is not free.
Purple Heart TrailIdaho Remembering one of their own who did not return
 The 2012 Sea2sea Challenge began with the ambitious goal of cycling across the US and UK, more than 4,200 miles from April 16 to July 8, 2012.  Its objective is to raise awareness and funds for the needs of our veterans and their families. The goal is to memorialize those who have given their lives in our defense and to raise funds for those with battlefield wounds both physical and mental. (See previous newsletter for the origins of the Sea2Sea Foundation and how Tom von Kaenel came to found and develop this unique organization devoted to American and British military charities.)

By the end of our 77-day journey, a 4200 mile bicycle ride across America and Great Britain, we will have read the names of every soldier killed in action since 9/11.  Those who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan are memorialized in our Daily Remembrance Ceremonies and will be remembered again as a combined reading at the end of our ride.

Alvon Elrod has been the lead cyclist for the 2012 Sea2Sea Challenge, provides support, motivation, energy and quite often, comedic relief. Visiting the Sea2Sea Facebook Page or reading Bruce’s Blog, you see quite a few pictures of him standing on his head.  It is a tradition begun long ago and has become a personal brand of Alvon’s throughout the journey across America.

Below is an outline of our scheduled arrival dates and links to Google maps for the rest of the journey. In a short time, we have covered nearly 3700 miles on bicycle and close in on the 4,200 total with each passing day.

Arrival Date Departure Date Map/Proposed Route
Wednesday, June 20 Thursday, June 21 Fayetteville/Fort Bragg, NC
Friday, June 22 Saturday, June 23 Jacksonville/Camp Lejune, NC
Monday, June 25 Tuesday, June 26 Manteo, NC
Wednesday, June 27 Thursday, June 28 Chesapeake, VA
Thursday, June 28 Friday, June 29 Jamestown, VA
Monday, July 2 Tuesday, July 3 Quantico, VA
Tuesday, July 3 Crystal City/Arlington
Wednesday July 4 Washington DC

To learn more about the 2012 Sea2Sea Challenge, visit www. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Cycling teams or individual cyclists are invited to join us through any part of our journey from Sea2Sea. If you would like to participate, please contact us via or by using the contact form on  Additional information is available in the next newsletter update.  You can look for it in approximately 10 days.

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